About Us

Uncharted Dreams Travel is here to ensure that your first step leads you smoothly into an unforgettable journey that will provide a lifetime of cherished memories.

Our vast experience traveling the globe has given us knowledge in the workings of hotels, cruises, airlines, tours, and every facet of what makes a splendid vacation. Our full-service travel consultants gather your goals and navigate this oftentimes convoluted web, giving you peace of mind and stress-free travel arrangements and accommodations. We always research the best possible prices without sacrificing quality.

At Uncharted Dreams Travel, we consider our name a very personal motivation. Nothing stirs the soul quite like a dream's potential on the cusp of realization. Anyone can book a trip. Let us chart your dreams.

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Marguerite Zdenek

Marguerite Zdenek

I was given the gift of love for travel and...

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